Additional Editing of Clips and Cutdowns


If you require a selects folder, any video files to be edited, please let us know!

£5 per clip = If individual files need joining together or require additional converting/rotating etc.

£50 per hour = To create a new link for ‘Selects’, or for editing of files (min half hr charge of £25)

£1 per item = Renaming files (assuming we can identify who it is relation to)

N.B. We are happy to rename up to 10 submissions per session, however, we would need to make a £1 charge for each file after this limit. We would contact you in advance if we feel this charge may be required to discuss alternatives!

We will do everything we can to ensure all video & images stream/display properly across all devices and computer platforms, and while we are able to make small changes (that we include in the set prices), sometimes we are presented with files that require additional software and time to convert. In these instances, we may need to charge a little more to cover our time. We would contact you to discuss/confirm before creating additional costs.